We support for self-reliance of renewables from FiT

Renewable power is going to be integrated into the market.
zec.power creates a platform and cooperates with renewable power plant owners in dispersed locations, we are committed to providing the best possible service to our clients.
As the No.1 reliable aggregator we sell renewable power directly to such as the JEPX.*
*This service will be offered after the launch of the Feed-in-Premium (FIP), which is expected to start in April 2022.

We conduct direct marketing of your your renewable power (Solar and Wind only). In the direct marketing to the JEPX, a premium (market premium) is paid for the difference between the pre-determined fixed FIP price and the market reference price. If the market value of your power plant (quoted by us) is higher than the market reference price, we will add a further surcharge to your payment.
And through these businesses we support for self-reliance of renewable power from FIT.

  • Direct marketing to the Japan Electric Power Exchange (JEPX) etc.
  • Support for using the Feed-in Premium (FIP) program
  • Mitigate risks to power producers including imbalances
  • Support for measurement and storage of your power plant
  • Support for operation and control of your power plant
  • Online-Portal and simulation (in preparation)

Our Story

Together we are strong!

Do you know the story of “Swimmy”, a small but incredibly clever fish that forms a community with other small fish in the vast ocean so he can confront even giant fish?
The Swimmy is our heart and the symbol for equal partnerships between zec.power and operators of renewable energy plants.
Together, let us show the market power of renewable energies in the competitive environment!
Everybody can participate in our network, we want to bring the renewable energies in Japan together in order to strengthen the market power for renewable energies.

Are you interested and want to join the zec.power-network?


Making dispersed renewable energy sources a great power.

ZECPOWER Inc. (zec.power) was jointly founded by in.power GmbH in Germany and ZEC (Zero Energy Company) Inc. in Japan.
in.power GmbH was inspired by the story of Swimmy around 2007 to make the VPP concept a reality, and now has a power portfolio of more than 1,300 MW, which it sells directly to the EPEX SPOT and others. in.power GmbH has demonstrated in the market the great power of renewable energy in a fiercely competitive environment, while working equally with the dispersed renewable power plant owners.


For more than a decade, in.power GmbH has been making the concept of VPP a reality, working equally with dispersed renewable power plant owners and demonstrating to the market the great power of renewable energy in a fiercely competitive environment. in.power GmbH currently has a power portfolio of over 1,300 MW, it sells directly to the EPEX SPOT and others, and is one of the largest independent players in Europe. The entire in.power Group has been providing a wide range of services over the years, including metering, green electricity sales, power demand optimization and adjusting, and consulting.


in.power GmbH began trading power on the EEX in 2007 and has been selling directly on the EPEX SPOT since 2009. in.power GmbH has been selling renewable electricity directly to the market even before the German FIP system started, and have been highly trusted by power plant owners. ZEC Inc., on the other hand, has developed a number of solar power plants since around 2012, utilizing funds and other financial resources, and has extensive experience in renewable energy, particularly solar power, in Japan.

R & D

in.power GmbH has participated in numerous R & D projects in Germany, specializing in VPP (virtual power plants) and business model development. One of the main research is the “E-Energy” project funded by the German federal government. Information and communication technology (ICT) played a central role in this project, which advocates the ICT-based energy system of the future, and the operation of an intelligent energy system that enables numerous renewable power generation facilities to communicate with power grid facilities and electricity-consuming devices was attempted. In addition, in.power GmbH works closely with research institutions and universities.